Twenty Ten Child Theme

I’ve just developed a new theme called Twenty Ten Weaver. It is a child theme for the new WordPress 3.0 default Twenty Ten theme.

This theme allows you to tweak almost everything about the default theme – colors, fonts, sidebar organization, and much more. Best of all, it comes with a bunch of predefined ready to use (or tweak) for you site.

You can check out the new Twenty Ten Weaver theme at my new site –

About brucewampler

I've had a long and varied careen in the computer industry. I taught computer science at the University of New Mexico for nearly 15 years. I founded two successful computer software companies. I wrote the first spelling checker and first grammar checkers for personal computers. I've lived in Glenwood Springs for 10 years. My wife, Trina, grew up here, and I've been coming to Glenwood since 1977. My kids have attended the local public schools, and have had a great experience. My son, Van, will be attending the University of Colorado starting in the fall of 2007, and my daughter is a Sophomore at Glenwood Springs High School. I've been on the Roaring Fork School District Board of Education for almost 5 years. Working with our kids, teachers, schools, principals, administrators, and the Roaring Fork community has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.
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1 Response to Twenty Ten Child Theme

  1. ANdy says:

    Thanks Bruce.Your theme is elegant.Thanks again for sharing it for free.

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