Macs, WordPress, Ivory Drive, T61

No posts recently – mostly because my energy has been diverted to Ivory Drive.

I am so a Mac guy now. Just upgraded to Snow Leopard. As usual with the Mac, a totally trivial experience. Now I’m waiting on Windows 7 for the rest of the family’s machines – just can’t get them converted to Mac. Will have to copy all their data files (most are on XP still), fresh install the Win7 upgrade, reinstall ALL the apps, reinstall their data. How long will that take? At least Win7 looks like it will finally be a bit stable.

WordPress is so wonderful. Can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone wanting their own site. You can make it blog-like; or standard web page like, with or without a blog. With the proper web host, you can get it running within an hour. But then you will likely want to spend another bit of time picking a template you like. That’s the hardest part, in some ways. And then you add content. Not all that hard to learn the interface.

But most recently, I’ve been working on promoting my son’s band, Ivory Drive ( Been building a couple of web sites (one Dreamweaver based, the other WordPress). Also there are dozens of other web sites available to promote music.

Far and away the coolest site I’ve found is Artists (almost all of them unsigned independent artists) upload their songs, the listeners on the site vote democratically on the songs they like the best, and out of all the music submitted, the best rise to the top.

It works! You can hear music on thesixtyone (T61) that you simply don’t hear anywhere else. These are rising or part time bands and songwriters who write fantastic music that don’t get played on the radio, and are mostly known in their local area, if at all. But some of the songs are fantastic. And the songs that make it to the top song list are really good.

And if that’s not enough, T61 is really structured as a game. It can be very addicting to play – finding great new songs, picking the best songs to up your own score, going on quests to find new music, interacting with the other players. But in the end, the game really does pick the best music.

So I’ve been working on Ivory Drive, and not doing much new development. Used my Mac/Ubuntu development to do a lot of the Ivory Drive stuff, but now that it is stable, I’ve probably not booted Linux in a couple of months. But you have to do what is the most rewarding at any moment. I’ll keep up with periodic updates here – mostly when I find something that I believe might be interesting to someone else.

About brucewampler

I've had a long and varied careen in the computer industry. I taught computer science at the University of New Mexico for nearly 15 years. I founded two successful computer software companies. I wrote the first spelling checker and first grammar checkers for personal computers. I've lived in Glenwood Springs for 10 years. My wife, Trina, grew up here, and I've been coming to Glenwood since 1977. My kids have attended the local public schools, and have had a great experience. My son, Van, will be attending the University of Colorado starting in the fall of 2007, and my daughter is a Sophomore at Glenwood Springs High School. I've been on the Roaring Fork School District Board of Education for almost 5 years. Working with our kids, teachers, schools, principals, administrators, and the Roaring Fork community has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.
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