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Adding Virtual Hosts to Ubuntu Apache

Now that I have Ubuntu installed and the Apache server working, I need to configure some Virtual Hosts. I have several names registered at that all point to the same IP. Right after you get Apache going, it defaults … Continue reading

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Adding LAMP to Ubuntu Desktop

OK, next step, adding the “AMP” (Apache, MySql, PHP) to the “L” (Linux) in the desktop version of Ubuntu 8.10. I’m actually writing this as I do this, so what I say now might turn out to need tweaking. But, … Continue reading

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Building A Fresh Mac/Ubuntu Development Platform

As I said in my previous post, I’m going to build a fresh development platform. Part of this was prompted by the fact that my old installation started having some issues, and that the latest VMWare Fusion for the Mac … Continue reading

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New projects – WordPress-based websites

Ok, looks like the AWS stuff won’t be happening anymore. Just didn’t have the energy to keep going on a new project of that scale. So now what? Well, my son has a band, and it is very good. Good … Continue reading

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